Cutting technologies

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Sliding table panel saw :
It is an upgraded version of a conventional bench saw incorporated with the features essential for panel sizing as described above. The accuracy of the relative movement between the fixed and the sliding parts of the table is very high. A scoring saw is integrated in the machine for cutting pre-laminated boards without chipping. The operation is still manual in the sense that the person has to push the board against the cutter block manually. The sizes what Hallmark offers for table are 3200 mm, 2800 mm, 1500 mm & 3000 mm. At the same time machines with tilting, pneumatic clamping, motorised saw up & down, fully PLC controlled options are available in the range.

Beam sawing :
This is a heavy duty or high performance machine which can give higher output by getting cut number of wood panels together. It is carrying specified cutting height and can cut 4 or more boards together in a single time. Advance versions of this machine are available which can be programmed for various cutting sizes to give customised cutting solutions. Larger furniture factories and mills for MDF and Particle boards need to use this machine.

Trimming :
Trimming machine is used to trim the additional edges left after manual Edgeband operation. It’s a very simple and low cost machine. Trimming can be available with scrapping or buffing operations also.

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