Surface laminations


Heat Transfer Foils
Heat transfer foils involve the transfer of a complete coating system from a carrier film to a substrate by means of heat and pressure. When transferred at point of contact between heated roller and substrate, the coating system provides both a decorative effect and a protective layer to provide specified end-use properties.

The foils are gravure printed in reverse sequence on a co-polymer film. That is, the release coat is applied first followed by a protective coating, the decorative pattern, the base coat and finally, the heat-activated adhesive. These foils can be applied vertically or horizontally to flat surfaces, curves, edges and contoured profiles. They are thermoformable, making them ideal for applications with doors or decorative trim, and can be restamped after application to correct defects or damage.

Overlay films
Known as Rigid thermoformable foils (RTF), three-dimensional laminate (3DL) and two dimensional laminate (2DL), are thermoplastic film overlays. They provide end users the freedom to design components with contoured surface profiles and seamless edges without requiring edge treatments. Designers can also use film overlays to customize shapes and incorporate punch-outs, logos and concave/convex surfaces. These films are available in solid colors or printed designs.

The films used in 3DL and 2DL are thermoplastic, meaning they soften when heated to take on the shape of their substrate and return to a firm state when sufficiently cooled. 3DLs are primarily made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyester (PET) films. They can be seamlessly membrane pressed or vacuum formed around contoured components, including edges. 3DL can also be used in 2DL applications such as profile wrapping and flat lamination.

Global manufacturers : LG, Samsung, Rehau

Edge bands
Edgeband tapes are widely used to cover the edges of modular panels. After getting laminated with the bottom and top surfaces with HPL or other materials, open edges are covered with Edgeband tapes. These tapes are made with PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) material, Acrylic material or with wooden or HPL strip.

Global Edgeband manufacturers : Rehau, Edging master, Roma, corbetta, FVG, Bois Aise de Montreal, BVR, CBT S. p. a. , Merenda Ltd., Edgemate, HNOS. CABAƑERO SORIANO, Power Star etc are global manufacturing players in Edgeband tapes.