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Hardy Smith Designs
We are a company built up with lot of innovative ideas, young thoughts, flexible business practices; hardcore vision, passion and aggression to do something better for our next generation. We have learnt seeing the globe from the sky from our inception. Believing strong in the definition of ‘Global Village’ we except ideas from all around the world about the product designs and we share them with the other part of the world.

We love young people and we love becoming part of their social and professional growth. Thus, we have selected this product business, where emotions of entire family get valued when they dine together. We have understood mothers and wives better for their many reasons related to Kitchens. We have tried to create a ‘balanced’ Kitchen portfolio which can really become part of your family and your life.

So, we say Hardy Smith Kitchens as a ‘happening place for your family’.

We have our business presence in Canada, UK, China, Russia & Southeast Africa. We are spreading our business network across all underdeveloped and developing countries for supporting the infrastructure industries respectively.