Lamination technologies


Post forming :
Post forming is a technique for manufacturing of flexible high pressure laminate which can take shapes like half round, full round, angular and semi angular. Post forming is a special process of making laminates, where procured sheet gets final stage while getting it applied on a panel surface. For applying HPL sheet the opposite surface of panel is moulded into specific shape with help of spindle moulder machine. Assembly of Panel and HPL is placed on the Post forming machine for applying the HPL on the curved surfaces/edges of MDF or Particle board. Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic versions are available in Post forming machines.

Hot Pressing
Hot press lamination is used for higher production of laminated boards. This process can produce Particle boards with HPL lamination, MDF board with HPL lamination, Flush door with HPL lamination, Plywood with HPL lamination, Skin doors with Frame assembly, Flush doors and veneer laminations. This machine is available in single and multiple openings with different standard sizes like 8 ft x 4 ft, 6 ft x 3 ft and others.

Cold pressing
Cold pressing also has similar application like hot press. For lower production outputs cold press is more cost economic than hot press, as it uses very less electricity, as it doesn’t need heating. It is having 1000 mm feeding gap, where you can feed number of boards together and a cycle time from 3 hours to 6 hours produces a bunch of finished laminated boards together.

Vacuum pressing
Vacuum pressing is a very much known technique for PVC lamination over engraved surfaces of MDF or solid wood or flush doors. Engraved board or door applied with glue is placed on this machine by spreading the PVC overlay film over the board. This preparation is then moves into vacuum and heating chamber where film and glue melts at certain temperature and then vacuum gets created to pull the overlay sheet in gravitational direction. This process creates good adhesion to the surface with press fitting into the engraved design.

Membrane pressing also is another high production and high quality output process, where dual pressing is possible on top and bottom surfaces of the board. For both side engraved surfaces this technique is being used.

Roller pressing for lamination
This is also a very much used for lamination on boards, doors and other flat surfaces. Flat surfaces like MDF boards, Particle boards, Flush doors, Plywood, OSB boards, HDF boards, WPC boards can be laminated with HPL, Aluminium foil, ACP, Plastic materials, Compact laminate etc.